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The Herzliya Rotary Club draws its members from the town of Herzliya (population 100,000) as well as from several neighboring townships. The Club – established in 2015 by 23 founding Rotarians – takes its place amongst 60 other Rotary Clubs in Israel, D-2490. The Club includes 25 active members originating from different countries. The Founding President, Matty Harel, has been a Rotarian since 1978; he twice served as President of the Sharon-Herzliya Club, and holds 3 Paul Harris Fellow recognitions. The wide diversity of professions, and the high positions that members hold in those professions throughout the Herzliya community, substantiates the deep involvement of the Club in all aspects of Trade, Commerce, Industry, Science, Education and Culture.

The Club is involved in the following projects:
School libraries; setting up study grants for disadvantaged students; supporting a club for the intellectually challenged by financing a major part of their budget and maintaining constant contact with the Club. Assistance at a secure school for young delinquents; supporting a youth center for young new immigrants; supporting a home for abused women and providing them with protection; supervising the safety of young children on their routes to and from school; funding and delivering food parcels for the underprivileged at the High Holidays; honoring local policemen for excellence at their jobs, and many more ad hoc activities.
Some of our Rotarians act as Arbitrators during voluntary arbitrations.
Our Club is well connected online, and all members have a personal email address.


The city of Herzliya was founded in 1924 in a previously-uninhabited wasteland. There had been only swamps and sand dunes here for many centuries. The original plan was to develop Herzliya as a center for growing citrus fruits, but the rapid growth of Tel-Aviv turned Herzliya into a suburb of the metropolis. Over time Herzliya developed its own high-tech industrial center and is home to a large number of companies with global recognition.
Due to its location on the Mediterranean shore, Herzliya developed a large tourist industry, and it has a large variety of first class hotels and other tourism-related constructions. In addition, many diplomats have set up their residence in this area. The beaches are some of the finest in Israel and a large marina was built to attract yachts and boat lovers. Herzliya contains two large shopping malls with some of the finest stores, and one also finds a selection of cafés, fine restaurants and a wonderful Promenade which is very popular on hot summer days.
The climate is pleasant. Mild winters; rainfall from December through February; a lovely spring, followed by hot summer and a pleasant autumn. The population is comprised of business executives, merchants, city workers, professionals, tradesmen, skilled workers, senior citizens, diplomats and people from every walk of life. Canaanites, Phoenicians, Philistines, Israelites, Roman, Byzantine, Crusaders, Arabs and Ottomans inhabited the area for about 3000 years. The ground one walks on here is historical ground, first mentioned in Assyrian writings some 2500 years ago. Alexander the Great, or his successors, named the place Apollonia; Jonathan the Maccabean conquered the town and its harbor. The Moslem Shrine of Sidney Ali was built on a Crusader stronghold – it still stands, is being excavated, and has revealed some exquisite archeological finds. In 1798 Napoleon Bonaparte passed here en route from Egypt to Acre. The ruins are a short distance from the resort area and a visit there provides the tourist with a real sense of history.

Rotary Club Officers:

Founding President: Matty Harel
Sponsor Club: Kfar Saba Club
Number of members: 23
Meetings: Beit Keynan, 51 Natan Alterman Street, Herzliya
Date: Tuesdays at 20:00

Officials 2015-16

President: Matty Harel
Honorary Secretary: Jonathan Goral
Honorary Treasurer: Efi Paz
Head of the Club Committee: Philip Vital
Head of the Profession Committee: Shmuel Eitan
Head of the Community Committee: Varda Mor
Head of the International Committee: Israel Mor



Rotary is a worldwide, multi-cultural, pluralistic and apolitical organization – regardless of religion, nationality, race or gender – of businessmen and professionals who are leaders in their fields, are incorporated into social clubs to foster professional relationships against a background of their occupations, for active involvement in the life of the community and to promote humanitarian projects around the world.
• Rotary members are professionals, executives, businessmen, major leaders, individuals who utilize their contacts and skills in order to contribute their experience for the benefit of local communities in approximately 200 countries around the world. Their common denominator is yearning for a better society.
• The Rotary movement includes approximately 34,000 clubs, in which there are about 1,250,000 members, harnessing the fruits of their success in business and the professions to improve the quality of life of the communities.
• Rotary's success is unquestionable and it is expressed in the form of millions of people who have benefited from an improvement in their living standards, as a result of Rotary’s intervention.


From the Professional Aspect

• The Rotary Club is a meeting place for leading professionals in the community from a wide variety of disciplines, who reside in your area and who will assist you to expand your business activity, and who have the ability to take advantage of trusted professionals when needed.
• Get to know business-people in the community and create relationships with them.
• You will gain the foremost services in a wide variety of professions (medicine, law, banking, insurance, etc.
• You will become exposed to the possibility of doing business with members of the Club, and beyond.
• You will become more accessible, as part of Rotary, to meet members of the local and national authority.
• You will become part of a leading and respected business, economic and social group in the community and the country.
• You will become part of a global organization that brings together more than a million members.
• You will be welcomed at any Rotary Club in the world, and you will get to know and meet members who are involved in all fields of business.
• You may receive assistance from members of Rotary in Israel and around the world during a crisis situation.
• You can increase your chances of progressing as employees, and rise up through the ranks by means of acquaintanceship and personal relationships within the Rotary Clubs.
• You can shorten business processes by taking advantage of prior knowledge of the business sector in the community.
• You can broaden horizons by attending lectures by the best speakers in Israel.
• You will work towards fair business practices in the community.

From the Social Aspect

• This is a rare opportunity to get to know interesting people who you were not acquainted with in the past, some of whom will undoubtedly become friends; and to join a high-quality social circle that suits you: people who share interests that are common to you and your partners, in clubs located in Israel and worldwide.
• You will meet new and qualitative friends.
• At the events organized by the Rotary organization you will have the opportunity of meeting with the economic, management, business, commercial and cultural leadership in the community.
• You will be able to participate in tours and weekends together.
• You will have the opportunity of participating in holidays and social celebrations of the club members.
• You will become part of a leading high-quality social organization in the community.

From the Community Aspect

• You can act for the benefit of the community around you which requires assistance, as part of an organization that provides support and guidance.
• You can be active and contribute to the community.
• You can be active and help others – the weak in society, but not only them.
• You can participate through involvement to promote excellence, to create a better society.

From an International Aspect

Connections with Rotary members overseas can lead to the development of personal relationships that can result in personal, social and business prosperity.
• You can develop friendships with many people from all countries of the world.
• You will develop international business relationships that can grow to proportions that you have never even imagined.
• You can integrate into worldwide humanitarian projects.

The History of Rotary

In 1905 a Chicago Attorney named Paul Harris established one of the first clubs devoted to community service – the Rotary Club of Chicago. In the Club, professionals from a variety of different fields exchanged opinions, with the purpose of providing unity and service to the community. The word ‘rotary’ derives from the attitude of determining a ‘round of meetings’ in the members’ places of occupation. Over the next hundred years, Rotary clubs have blossomed all over the world, and the habit of exchanging ideas, fostering friendships and providing service to the community has constantly increased.
Rotary has always been a gravitational force for leadership in the world. Israel's first club was established in Jerusalem in 1929. Today there are 60 clubs with over 1,200 members.

If you want to integrate into the framework of business people working for the benefit of the community, then we are the right place for you. We would be happy to invite and welcome you at our next meeting. We meet every Tuesday evening at 20.00 in Beit Keynan in Herzliya. At first there is a social gathering, followed by reports from the Club’s officials, and a lecture on current events.

For further information and to contact us you may get in touch with the Club Secretary – Jonathan Goral: 052-5991381

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